U.S. policy towards Latin America during the Cold War  

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1. Introduction: Operation Just Cause as a case study in the role of credibility in U.S. policymaking towards Latin America during the Cold War

2. Overview: international credibility & U.S. Cold War foreign policy

3. A tighter focus: Latin America & U.S. credibility, 1948-1984

4. Burden of democracy: domestic political considerations, presidential credibility, & U.S. foreign policy in the Cold War

5. Case study: The role of credibility concerns in U.S. Panama policy, 1903-1985

6. Global watersheds & domestic transitions: challenges to Reagan-Bush credibility & the origins of the Panama problem, 1985-1988

7. Case Study, continued: the Noriega challenge to George Bush's credibility & the invasion of Panama

8. Conclusion

9. Bibliography


  by George Kourous
Shadow Boxing is a historical analysis of U.S.-Latin American relations during the Cold War. I wrote it for my master's thesis, putting in about three years hard labor, all in all. I believe is a solid, insightful, and comprehensive overview, one that puts of United States policy towards Latin America during the Cold War in a unique, global perspective — unlike many histories on the subject.

I'm making it freely available here under the terms of a Creative Commons License, but ask those of you with the means to make a small donation to help pay for the costs of maintaining this site. Any proceeds above and beyond those costs will go exclusively towards paying off my college loans.

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